Analytical Service srl is able to provide technical service support at a national level in collaboration with local authorized service centres (on-site). Analytical Service is also able to provide a dedicated repair service at its own laboratories for easily transportable instrumentations.
Analytical Service is able to supply maintenance contracts and IQ-OQ-PQ installation protocols or with customized protocols, with reference to the following items:

  • Refrigerators: service at a national level on all kind of refrigerators (+4 , -20,-30, -40 e -80°C ) distributed by Analytical Control spa. (THERMO-FORMA ,ANALYTICAL COLD)
  • CO2 Incubators: twenty years of experience in problem solving, in supplying of spare parts and subsidiary parts like manometers, solenoid valves, exchange gas cylinder, customized trolleys
  • Liquid Nitrogen: technical support for liquid nitrogen storage systems and for controlled rate freezers.(CRYIOMED-FORMA e CBS)
  • Freeze dryer : maintenace and repair of freeze dryers and concentrators
  • ATAGO Refractometers and Polarimeters, brand leader with high quality product
  • THERMO NESLAB , NICKEL ELECTRO Chiller and thermostatic bath: on-site support and at our laboratories.
  • YSI Enzymatic Analyzers for glucose/lactate and other substances: Analytical Service is able to guarantee complete technical application support
  • Incubators, ovens and climatic chambers (TERMAKS, ANALYTICAL COLD e NAHITA)
  • Spectrophotometers UV VIS THERMO SPECTRONIC.
  • Osmometers and Cryoscopes ROEBLING, LOSER, FISKE-ADVANCED , GONOTEC.
  • Ultrasonic Bath & ultrasonic homogenizers BANDELIN.
  • Electrochemical equipments, like pHmeters (THERMO ORION, YSI,WTW) , multiparameter water analyzers YSI (conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity)