Analytical Service is able to supply to his customers a wide range of IQ-OQ and of customized technical qualifications, because of the availability of manufacturer’s protocols, and of certified laboratories instrumentations which are periodically controlled and checked:

  • Thermometers with probes that have accuracy of ± 0.03 ° C (+ 200 / -200 ° C).
  • Dataloggers for temperature readings over time,
  • Thermohygrometers for temperature (0 / + 70 ° C) and humidity (0/100%)
  • CO2 / O2 infrared mesurers (0/30%) equipment;
  • Quartz for polarimeters
  • Filters for spectrophotometers
  • Precision Multimeters for electrical measure controlling (eg. To certify pH meters, conductivity meters and oximeters).

Furthermore we have certified solutions for PH, conductivity, turbidity (ORP), refractive index and osmolarity.