Sales program

The experience acquired in over 40 years of activity by our specialists in laboratory scientific equipment, allows us to offer professional support in the choice of best product and reliable instrumentation.

The experience of our specialists allows us to propose solutions even to the most sophisticated needs.

Technological instrumentation for the pharmaceutical and biological sector

ANALYTICAL SERVICE offer for the pharmaceutical-biological field:

  • Standard and controlled atmosphere incubators (CO2 / O2, rH)
  • Fridge / Freezer ( +4/ -40°C) Ultrafreezer (-80 / -150 ° C)
  • Liquid nitrogen cryogenic containers and related accessories
  • Biosensor Enzyme Analyzers (YSI) for lactate, glucose, glutamate, ethanol, etc
  • Osmometers, Freeze Dryers and Centrifugal Concentrators, Ultrasonic Baths and Sonicators

To the chemical, food and environmental sectors:

  • Heating and cooling baths for temperature -80 / + 300 ° C
  • Chiller coolers with a wide range of cooling power up to 25 KW
  • Standard and vacuum ovens, Climatic chambers (temperature / humidity /light)
  • Mono and multiparameter meters (pH, Cond, Oxygen, Turbidity, Depth)
  • Refractometers, Polarimeters and Spectrophotometers


In the clinical field of Assisted Medical Reproduction, ANALYTICAL SERVICE is official dealer of LABOTECT company with a complete program of products, accessories and equipment.

Application support, installation and training are offered for these products, For large range of these products it is possible to rent with or without final acquisition.

Sale of Molecular Biology and Cell Culture products

ANALYTICAL SERVICE exclusively distributes Laboratoires Eurobio products and completes the sales program with the Vivantis Technologies, Biowest and RD Biotech range.

Laboratoires Eurobio, a leading French company in the molecular and cellular biology sector. The proposal includes animal sera, reagents for molecular and cellular biology, buffers, gel for electrophoresis, products for PCR and antibiotics.

Vivantis Technologies specializes in the field of nucleic acid purification systems, DNA markers and ladders, mononucleic antibodies.

Biowest, a French company producing animal serums;

RD Biotech specialized in cells (MRC5, McCoy, VER), and in KIT FAST ELISA.

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